From anonymous–

A hand written letter sits in my locker

In an envelope

With hearts drawn on it in red ink

And the words from anonymous in the bottom right corner

They jump out at me

There are over a thousand people here

But this person chose me

I went my whole life feeling unnoticed

Unwanted, unloved, ignored

Although in that moment

I put a tight lid on my past

And shoved everyone who ever shunned me into a container

In that moment I realized

That I am loved, that I am wanted, that I am special

Unique, different, nontraditional

Unconventional, in the best way possible

Weird, but I don’t mind being weird

Perhaps that is what anonymous admires about me

My willingness to be bold, be daring, be me

Among the thousand people here, they chose me

I don’t know why or how for that matter

But I no longer choose to search for answers

Perhaps the moment is the answer


a confused, yet thankful receiver



(P.S. this never actually happened, but for the first time in a long time I feel inspired to write so here’s a rather short piece about an experience I’ve yet to have hahaha)












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