Meshing realities

Have you ever felt like you were on top of everything? The words “I got this” resonated with you.  You didn’t have to have a little faith, you just did. You were able to hold your head up high. Look straight ahead, without looking back at the “what if’s” and overanalyzing your past.  Nothing stood in your way besides the occasional self doubt. But don’t we all feel doubtful from time to time?

There was no anxiety eating away at you, tugging at your nerves and playing around with your emotions.  All you had to do was take a nice prolonged deep breath of fresh air. Alas, sanity is within reach.

Now, there you are, perfectly mindful, ready to conquer the world. Your shit, it is oh so perfectly together. After all, why shouldn’t it be? The weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, perhaps it was a miracle.

There is the ugly side of things too. The side that no matter how hard you try to suppress, returns with a dose of reality.

It’s easy to fight with it, to try to shove it away, wherever, except that doesn’t mean it will miraculously go away.


In a perfect world, in a utopian society, there is such a thing as together. In reality, there is good and there is ugly, with different shades of each. You can’t have one without eventually coming face to face with the other.

Beauty is pain. A smile conceals sadness. Numbness follows anger.

The truth, it hurts, but it’s what we want to hear. Isn’t it?







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