Everyone has a story

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I decided to start a blog. This year I’ve discovered how passionate I am about creating content, and a blog is the perfect platform to share that content with others and inspire others as well. I could go on for ages, discussing my childhood years, but that isn’t my real story. I attribute the person I am today to all the mistakes I have made, that I have learn from and grown from. Growing up has made me realize what life should be about and what is just a waist of my time. So who am I exactly?

See that’s the thing. I want other people to see me as more than my typical description. If anyone ever reads my blog post, I challenge you to look at others with a much greater lense. Instead of magnifying certain parts, we must look at the whole picture.

We often look for parts that are aesthetically pleasing, but how often do we analyze things completely?

Not everything is going to be conventionally beautiful, but everything has meaning, everything and everyone has a purpose. Just because a person looks happy, doesn’t mean their lives are ‘perfect’ (which to begin with, ‘perfection’ is unachievable).  We often do not want to show how we are truly feeling because we are afraid of expressing our genuine, real selves. How else will we get the message across that it is OK to let another person in and share our experiences with other people, the positive ones and the negative ones? We just can’t live our lives trying to constantly  appeal to others. We must live ourselves appealing to our raw selves and embrace the parts of us we may have tried so desperately to hide.


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